The TTB original application for a brewery, winery, distillery, importer or wholesaler now requires “source of funds” documentation as part of the application materials. Similar to the original ABC application in California, the change to the TTB form simply requires disclosure as to the source of the funds you will be using to start and operate your business. Unlike the ABC, TTB does require verification of your statement of finances; copies of bank records (5 months worth of statements) or loan documents will satisfy this requirement. Although the regulation will make the process somewhat more tedious, the new rule allows the TTB to better identify the parties that will have an interest in any alcohol beverage permits that may be issued.

Additionally, the TTB’s new online permit system is now up and running. As of this week, new winery operations and new wholesaler/importer applicants can submit their application and track its progress online. Permits online will also allow amendment filings for existing permits and registrations in the near future, and applications for distilleries and breweries should be online are anticipated to be online within the next year.

For more information, visit the Permits Online Homepage.


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