Is your winery online? If you have an internet or social media presence, it’s important to know what kind of information you’re allowed to post, and what is prohibited. Any social media platform is considered, as a whole, an advertisement. What this means is that your entire Facebook page, website, Twitter page, YouTube channel, etc. is considered, for the TTB’s and ABC’s purposes, one advertisement. Each page on your website is not considered a separate advertisement. There is required information necessary for all advertisement of wine, and that information must appear on the social media somewhere, but does not have to appear on  each and every Facebook or Twitter post, (plus it would be tough to fit into 160 characters!). In order to stay in compliance, your winery should include all required information on the “About Us” (or similar) section of the social media:

  • Always include your winery name, city and state
  • Avoiding use of certain prohibited content, including false or misleading statements, disparaging statements about a competitor, “obscene or indecent” statements, or any statements about the intoxicating nature or any health benefits of wine.

For more specific dos and don’ts, see the TTB’s 2013 Industry Circular You should also remember that you, as the winery owner, are ultimately responsible for the social media statements made by your employees.


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