Laundry Day

December 31, 2012 | Leave a Comment

All work and no play would make Parravano Witten a very dull law firm.  So to celebrate the holidays and to end 2012 in grand style, our attorneys gathered together for laundry –the French Laundry, that is.

Thanks to both stunning good fortune and a friend’s gracious intervention, we snagged a last-minute reservation at chef Thomas Keller’s foodie Mecca in Yountville.  The French Laundry is legendary, as is its esteemed chef-owner, whose cuisine and chef mentorship program have palpably influenced the American restaurant industry.  In most such cases, one’s expectations are inevitably disappointed: the hype has built for so long that no real restaurant, staffed by imperfect humans armed with earthly ingredients, could live up to it.

That is not true of the Laundry, which manages to exceed even the highest expectations.  The food defies superlatives.  A rich but somehow still delicate sunchoke velouté, accented with red ribbon sorrel, pomegranate and spice foam, is liquefied sunshine.  Butter-poached Island Creek Oysters, nestled in a bed of pearl tapioca and white sturgeon caviar, melt away in the mouth like sea foam on sand.  A series of equally luscious courses follow, each building harmoniously upon the other in a crescendo of flavors.

But this is a wine (law) blog, so we imagine that most readers are currently thinking something like: “Yes, yes.  That sounds delicious.  But what were your DRINKING?”  Our kind friends who assisted with our reservation also collaborated with the Laundry’s wine director to select our pairings for the evening:

Without entering too far into the controversial world of tasting notes, we will venture only that the Egly-Ouriet Extra Brut champagne paired exquisitely with the sunchoke velouté—it, too, tasted of sunshine as well as lemon zest, tart green apple, and French toast—and that the 1985 Comte Lafon Volnay and 2004 Robert Chevillon Nuits-Saint-Georges, equally glorious but entirely distinct from one another in nose and flavor profile, illustrated the extraordinary breadth of red Burgundy.  In sum: Wow.

The same could be said of our evening overall.  Good food, good wine, and good company coincide rarely, but on this Laundry Day, we enjoyed the best of all three.

We drank toasts to our team that night, but as this post will appear on New Year’s Eve, we offer another:  Here’s to our clients.  For those of you reading this post, thank you for choosing to work with us, and for putting your trust in us, and best wishes for 2013.



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