Some state lawmakers and the grocery clerks union think that in order to purchase alcohol at the grocery store, you should have to deal with a human cashier. The Assembly recently passed AB183, which would ban the sale of alcohol in self-checkout aisles. The bill goes to the Senate this week.

During his term as Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill that passed both houses, noting he was unsure what problem the legislation was intended to address.¬†Supporters say that the legislation would prevent underage purchases of alcohol, however, California grocers opposing the bill point out that a human still comes and looks at the purchaser’s ID before approving the sale, thus underage purchases are not increased due to the use of self-checkout aisles. At least one study found that a small percentage of sales did not alert the clerk supervising the self-checkout aisles, however, in most of those cases the clerk noticed the alcohol anyway. Still, supporters counter that even an incremental decrease in sales of alcohol to underage persons is worthwhile.

For more information or to track the bill’s progress, visit the legislative counsel website for pending legislation and enter bill number 183.



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