Bill A06884, introduced by the New York State Committee on Economic Development, proposes to place considerable restrictions on the sale of rare wines in the state’s restaurants and retail shops. The bill, if passed, would require that all wines sold in those venues be purchased from a “primary source”, an authorized distributor who must be clearly identified, in an effort to protect against the sale of counterfeit wines.

If the bill becomes law, New York restaurants and retail shops will no longer be able to source rare wines from auctions and private collectors, wines they may not be able to get from a “primary source”. The variety of wines and vintages they will be able to offer will likely decrease, and they would be put at the mercy of wholesalers to fill their wine lists and shelves.

Opponents of the Bill argue that similar laws always end up hurting consumers by limiting their access to wines and raising prices. They would rather the legislature leave handling the issue of counterfeit wine to auction houses and the top wine estates.

More information on the proposed bill can be found on the New York Legislature’s website.


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