There are 35 States that allow wine sales in grocery stores. So far, New York is not one of them, but a bipartisan group of state legislators are trying to change that. State senate and assembly members held a public forum this week in Albany to discuss bills introduced this month that would permit wines sales in places other than liquor stores.

Grocers and wineries supporting the bill contend that the bills would generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state from excise taxes and license fees. On the other side, lobbyists for liquor stores argue that letting grocery stores sell wine would force hundreds of liquor stores out of business, eliminating thousands of jobs in the process.

Past efforts have died at various points in the legislative process, but the sponsors of this bill include members of the majority parties in the senate and assembly, which could help pave the way to passage this time.

More information on the bills being considered can be found on the state assembly and senate websites.


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