In 2009, Mexico imposed ‘retaliatory tariffs’ on 99 different US exports across the border, including a 20% tariff on the US wine, purportedly as a result of a dispute between the two countries over the safety of Mexican trucks. For the past two years, that tariff has significantly decreased the value of wine exports to […]

The California Water Resources Control Board’s newly enacted regulations to deal with frost protection in the Russian River Watershed are being challenged in court.  A coalition of growers in the region, called the Russian River Water Users for the Environment, along with four individual growers, filed suit in the Sacramento County Superior Court claiming the […]

Congress has approved the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which will eliminate 95% of tariffs and other barriers to trade between the U.S. and South Korea within three years, with the remainder to be eliminated within 10 years. One of the first to go is a 15% tariff on US wines imported to South Korea, along […]

Los Angeles Food & Wine, a new annual epicurean event, begins today at L.A. Live and runs through Sunday, with the Red Carpet Premiere scheduled to kick off tonight at 7pm. PWPC founding attorney Jeannette Witten will be on hand to experience the events, featuring more than 100 celebrity chefs and over 300 wineries at […]

Personalized labels are special products offered by some importers, bottlers, and wholesalers directly to a consumer who wants a bottle, for example, to commemorate a special event such as an anniversary or wedding. They are distinct from private labels, which are created for purchasers other than the ultimate consumer of the wine (i.e. a house […]

Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills last week that impact alcoholic beverage sales. The first, AB 623, creates a limited direct-to-consumer license for wineries in California. As of January 1, wineries can apply for the new license, which will permit direct sales to consumers, provided the licensee meets several conditions. The conditions require the winery […]