While not widely known as a wine region, wine grapes are Sacramento County’s leading agricultural crop by value. Sacramento County has 19,430 acres planted to wine grapes (based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2010 California Grape Acreage Report) and is the ninth-largest wine grape-producing county in California. However, the county only has 18 bonded […]

Oklahoma is currently one of 16 states that do not allow wine to be sold in grocery stores, a law that some think should change in order to bring hundreds of new jobs to the state. Costco, one of the country’s largest retailers, operates over 400 stores, none of which are located in Oklahoma. The […]

Parties to an eight-year legal battle will now wait until March to resolve their dispute. The plaintiffs, two couples from North Jersey and two out-of-state wineries, agreed with the defendant, the state, and intervenor liquor wholesale companies that they would rather have the legislature solve the problem than the judiciary. If lawmakers cannot agree on […]