Growers in Lake County, California are working together to submit petitions for two new AVAs to the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau for the Big Valley and Kelsey Bench growing regions. The TTB defines an American Viticultural Area as a designated winegrape growing region in the United States distinguishable by geographic features, with specific and […]

A problem familiar to California natives is causing problems for grape growers in Australia’s King Valley. Situated in Victoria, the valley experienced severe wildfires in 2007 and 2009. Some grapes harvested in those years were rejected entirely, others were made into wine only to discover that the wine was tainted with the heavy aroma of […]

In spite of talk about the “glut of wine grapes” in Sonoma County, two companies are looking to convert nearly 2,000 acres of redwoods and firs into vineyards. Residents in the area of the proposed sites live amid dense foliage regrown after the area was clear cut by the logging industry in the first half […]

State Senator Alan Lowenthal has introduced a bill in the California legislature that would prohibit food vendors from using styrofoam packaging to dispense food to a customer in all cities that did not come up with a recycling program by 2014. It is supported by several environmental groups, who say that foam products make up […]

Texas law requires that anyone selling alcohol in Texas hold a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) license. Out-of-state retailers, which includes any business that buys and resells alcoholic beverages (i.e. wine shops, not wineries), are not eligible to obtain a TABC license. Now TABC is providing FedEx and UPS with lists of out-of-state retailers who […]

As if late season wet weather weren’t enough to worry about, California and federal agricultural officials have declared a 103-square-mile quarantine in Nevada County after European Grapevine Moths (EGVM) were detected earlier this month in two traps, one in a vineyard in western Nevada County and the other in Nevada City. In late 2009, EGVM found their […]

Bill A06884, introduced by the New York State Committee on Economic Development, proposes to place considerable restrictions on the sale of rare wines in the state’s restaurants and retail shops. The bill, if passed, would require that all wines sold in those venues be purchased from a “primary source”, an authorized distributor who must be […]