There are 35 States that allow wine sales in grocery stores. So far, New York is not one of them, but a bipartisan group of state legislators are trying to change that. State senate and assembly members held a public forum this week in Albany to discuss bills introduced this month that would permit wines […]

Washington State’s senate ways and means committee approved a measure on Wednesday (SB 5942) that would privatize liquor distribution in the state. Since 1933 Washington has been one of 18 “control states”, where the government runs the sale and distribution of liquor. State officials say the system results in lower per-capita alcohol consumption and a […]

This week’s late season storm has wine growers in Sonoma county on edge. Wet weather is unwelcome in May, when fruit clusters are beginning to develop on the vines. Growers can prune the vines to let air and sunlight in and treat them to fight mold and fungus that attack wet grapes, but fortunately that […]

Land Use zoning in some counties in Oregon prevents wineries from operating restaurants on land designated as farm land. HB 3280, which passed the house 52-3 on Friday, would change that. The bill, sponsored by Representative Paul Holvey of Eugene, addresses several regulations of agricultural land that govern winery operations in Oregon. If this bill […]