With Pebble Beach Food & Wine in full swing this weekend, I thought I would share a little information about a new event from its founders. Coastal Luxury Management announced they will bring a new culinary event to Los Angeles this fall. Over 100 celebrity chefs and 300 wineries are participating in the 4-day event […]

Leaders of the California Association of Winegrape Growers, Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, Oregon Winegrowers Association, New York Wine Grape Growers and California Farm Bureau signed a letter sent to the TTB Administrator John Manfreda urging the bureau to publish for public comment two long-standing petitions that address wine labeling issues. The two petitions […]

Yesterday, the state senate passed SB 39, a bill proposed by State Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, which would prohibit making, importing or selling energy drinks containing beer in California. No legislator spoke against the bill, and there was no opposition presented by the beverage industry. This bill, which passed 24-14, now goes to the […]

One California lawmaker wants to see the state’s alcoholic beverage laws simplified, if for no other reason than to stop wasting the legislature’s time. Assemblyman Chris Norby, R-Irvine, was in a committee hearing in which one community college district sought an exemption from the state’s ban on drinking alcohol on school campuses during special events. […]

This week, UC Davis announced it will host a wine law conference this summer bringing together producers, importers, exporters, lawyers, and other interested parties to discuss wine laws related to wine trade names and appellations. The conference is a collaborative effort between the UC Davis School of Law and the school’s Robert Mondavi Institute for […]

Last week Washington State approved three bills modifying their alcohol regulations. One bill allows beer connoisseurs to fill up their “growlers” with local brews on tap at specialty-beer retail stores. Previously, only taverns and brewpubs could fill growlers. Washington is home to more than 140 microbreweries, many of which do not bottle their product for […]

There are nine regional water quality control boards in the state charged with monitoring and mitigating water quality issues, but the most controversial right now is the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board which is proposing regulations on agriculture to prevent fertilizers, particularly nitrogen, from getting into surface and ground water. The Central Coast […]

In December, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approved the use of methyl iodide (also known as iodomethane) as a soil fumigant in California. But last week, following resignation of Mary-Ann Warmerdam from her position as Director of DPR, Governor Brown announced that the state could reconsider the controversial chemical’s approval. At an Assembly hearing […]

Law Seminars International is hosting a two-day conference on April 11th and 12th titled, “Wine Law: New Regulations, Rules, Challenges, and Practical Tips for Success” at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver, Colorado. The seminar is not just intended for attorneys; vineyard owners, wine producers and distributors, and government employees who deal with regulations of […]

In California, a reassessment of property taxes will occur when ownership of a property is transferred, unless certain exclusions apply. Many family-owned wineries have avoided reassessment for many generations, as the property has passed between spouses or from parent to child, both of which are exempt transfers. If, however, you hold your vineyard or winery […]