There are many hurdles an online retailer must overcome in order to be able to direct mail wine to your home. The Liquor Law Repeal and Enforcement Act, also referred to as the Webb-Kenyon Act, prohibits shipments of alcoholic beverages from one State into another State in violation of any law of the receiving State. Currently […]

Predictably, if you own a beauty salon or a barber shop and want to serve alcohol then you currently need to apply for a license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“ABC”). Assembly Bill 1322 is meant to change that. AB-1322 is a groundbreaking new law rolling through the state legislature this year that […]

It’s tough out there for any new business. Even in the best of economies, you have to deal with the formalities required by state and federal governments, filings, fees, and – let’s face it – lawyers. But some types of businesses have it especially bad, and high on that list is the new alcohol producer. […]

Land Use zoning in some counties in Oregon prevents wineries from operating restaurants on land designated as farm land. HB 3280, which passed the house 52-3 on Friday, would change that. The bill, sponsored by Representative Paul Holvey of Eugene, addresses several regulations of agricultural land that govern winery operations in Oregon. If this bill […]

Recently enacted legislation (Assembly Bill 605, Statutes 2010, effective January 1, 2011) created two new sections of the California Business & Professions Code; the first, Section 23396.6, provides for a new “instructional tasting license” to be issued to off-sale retail licensed businesses. The license has been designated as “Type 86” by the Department. The off-sale […]