Is your winery online? If you have an internet or social media presence, it’s important to know what kind of information you’re allowed to post, and what is prohibited. Any social media platform is considered, as a whole, an advertisement. What this means is that your entire Facebook page, website, Twitter page, YouTube channel, etc. […]

It’s tough out there for any new business. Even in the best of economies, you have to deal with the formalities required by state and federal governments, filings, fees, and – let’s face it – lawyers. But some types of businesses have it especially bad, and high on that list is the new alcohol producer. […]

This week’s late season storm has wine growers in Sonoma county on edge. Wet weather is unwelcome in May, when fruit clusters are beginning to develop on the vines. Growers can prune the vines to let air and sunlight in and treat them to fight mold and fungus that attack wet grapes, but fortunately that […]