Most of us have seen the ads – claiming deep discounts on a product for a limited time.  One such wine reseller – Wines Til Sold Out – is facing claims in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey that it defrauded customers by offering wines for discounted prices that were not based on the wines’ true value. WTSO was […]

Jeffry Hill, a former vintner in Napa Valley, plead not guilty last week in Federal Court to eight charges of mail and wire fraud. Mail fraud is any attempt to commit some type of fraud using the United States Postal Service or private commercial interstate mail carrier. Wire fraud, similarly, involves a scheme to defraud […]

As tax day approaches for individuals in the U.S., it is always fun to think about the integral part that tax has played in forming our nation’s identity and its laws, particularly where alcohol has been involved. The first source of income tax for our new Republic was an excise tax on distilled spirits levied […]

In evaluating a new name or label for your wine, it is important to keep in mind that in the USPTO’s opinion, all alcoholic beverages are related. One of the main purposes of the Lanham Act (the U.S. Trademark Laws), is to protect a brand’s distinctiveness by prohibiting the use of other marks that are […]

Often, wine novices are told to select a wine based on the appeal of the design of a wine’s label. But, beyond font, color, and the brand (producer), what particular language should consumers look for when selecting a bottle? Vintage Date: A vintage date on the label means 95% of the wine is made from […]

Holiday Cheer

September 26, 2014 | Leave a Comment

As the holidays approach, so too does the season for office parties. Oftentimes, alcohol will also be present at office parties, which can present some issues for companies who want to thank their employees (and their families) for another year of hard work, but also need to protect themselves from a liability standpoint. There are […]

Until recently, California enology and viticulture students under the age of 21 had to use their imagination when it came to wine and beer tasting. But earlier this summer, on July 28, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law what has become known as the “Sip and Spit” law, which allows students in accredited wine-making or […]

In our last post, we considered the problems faced by Brandywine as they set about trying to get off the ground as a new alcohol producer in California. The licenses allowing them to do all that they wanted to do were challenging to obtain, because the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (the ABC) was […]

So you’re a small winery about to launch your website, and you’re hoping that online sales will benefit both your brand and your bottom line. As you prepare to venture into the peril-ridden realm of the internet, you wonder: how can I be sure that minors don’t buy my wine online? The short answer is: […]

Laundry Day

December 31, 2012 | Leave a Comment

All work and no play would make Parravano Witten a very dull law firm.  So to celebrate the holidays and to end 2012 in grand style, our attorneys gathered together for laundry –the French Laundry, that is. Thanks to both stunning good fortune and a friend’s gracious intervention, we snagged a last-minute reservation at chef […]

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